Don’t Break The Streak

I’ve been going to Body Pump every Tuesday and Thursday for the last two months without skipping a single day. Now, I haven’t gone regularly on other days but every single week I’ve at least gone to two Body Pump classes. Some people mark it on a calendar, I remember it in my head, but that’s a pretty good streak for someone who had a hard time regularly going to the gym. That streak gives me strong motivation to go tomorrow (it’s Monday night and I’m already reserved in the class) and to ensure that I don’t miss a day and break the streak.

Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I haven’t woken up yet, and sometimes I feel just plain crappy… but I know that to keep the streak alive I just need to persevere for an hour. I can take little microbreaks and slack off on weight for a muscle group during that hour, but I need to go.

Magically though, when I’m there I always go full out. I could take a break in a set, I could lighten the load, but I always manage to push myself whenever I’m in class because I’m already there.

So, start looking at it like a streak and don’t break the streak!

One thought on “Don’t Break The Streak

  1. Hey there, great site by the way. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed.

    I find this is exactly the same in pretty much any other habit. I went to the gym three times a week for two years and after I missed a session once it put me off track for a whole six months. Don’t break the streak!

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